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KONASEEMA TOURISM offers a fine range of tour package specials and budget saving vacation deals that features the latest and hottest travel bargains in the market. Our tour packages includes transportation, accommodation, meals, guided tours and more and offers great value to both independent or group travellers.

Pick your ideal package and enjoy the finest journey to breathtaking KONASEEMA ISLANDS, PAPIKONDALU, CORINGA MANGROVES, YANAM, MAREDUMILLI FOREST with a little help from discounts and last minute deals. With us, you will discover how to travel to Konaseema Islands and sourroundings, what to do and see.

ONLY ACCOMMODATION (without Transportation)





Note: We offer customized packages depending on your requirement.

We have packages covering Konaseema Islands, Dindi (A village in Konaseema, where APTDC has its Resorts & Boating area), Papikondalu (Papi Hills / Papi Kondalu), Maredumilli Forest (i.e., Papikonda National Park - Bison Range and also called as Alluri Sita Rama Raju Forest), Coringa (Corangi) Wildlife Sanctuary (Mangrove / Mada Forest), Hope Island, Yanam, Brahmasamvedyam, Antarvedi, Ainavilli, Annavaram, Draksharama, Biccavolu, Kotipalli, Samarlakota, Gollala Mamidada, Pattiseema, Koruturu, Kolluru, Perantalapalli, Bhadrachalam, Ryali, Palivela, Muramalla, Mukteswaram, Dindi, Razole, Amalapuram, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Boating in Godavari Backwaters, House Boat Stay, Accommodation in River view Resorts, Boating in the River Godavari / Konaseema Backwaters, Mangrove Forest Boating along the creeks, Conference in 150 seater A.C. Boats in Papikondalu & Konaseema etc.,

We can make special arrangements like Lunch in a small Island in the middle of the River, Dinner on moving punt, Lunch at the Beach, Dinner or Lunch in a Coconut Garden etc., for Group / Corporate Customers.

Just check in with us, whenever you're planning a trip to Konaseema, Papi Kondalu or Bhadrachalam etc..