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Rajahmundry (in the Vijayawada-Waltair section of the South Central Railway) is a place of great historical importance. It was known as Rajamahendravaram, being a capital of the Hindu kingdoms of the Deccan and a place of many revolutions and battles and many poets and scholars wrote their epics here. Rajahmundry still maintains the past glory and reputation.

It is situated on the left bank of the river Godavari in East Godavari district; it still maintains traces of the past with some fine palaces, fort walls, etc. Rajamundry is an important religious centre; pilgrims going to Kashi pay a visit to Rajahmundry and bathe in the holy river called Kotilingam Ghat. The place also abounds with a number of temples of which the Kotilingala temple on the bank of the Godavari is hailed as one

of the most important temples. The city sees huge influx of devotees during Godavari Pushkaram, celebrated once in twelve years. Legend has it that a dip in the Godavari on this sacred occasion is holy.

The commercial town of Rajahmundry has three modern rail-road bridges that facilitate brisk trade. It is also home to many art forms like dance, painting and music and is the birth place of several renowned poets, artistes, writers and social reformers.

Its major attraction is Asia's largest rail-cum-road bridge on the river Godavari linking Kovvur and Rajahmundry, considered to be an engineering feat and Dowlaiswaram anicut across the Godavari River. Other popular tourist attractions are………….

   Paul Chowk
   Seshaiah Metta
   Kambham Choultry and Kambal Tank
   Temple Of Lord Markandeya
   lcot Gardens