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Located about 95 km from Vijaywada, it is located between the wide deltas of Godavari & Krishna and is the largest fresh Water Lake in the country.

It receives water from four rivers, namely Budameru, Ramileru, Tammileru and Errakalva and 18 drains. This lake empties its water into the Bay of Bengal, every six months through an outlet called 'upputera'. Its majestic beauty comes alive during monsoons when it spans nearly 260-sq-kms.

It is home to a fine Bird sanctuary called Kolleru Sanctuary that attracts several species of birds. It is the largest pelican refuge that is a rich haven for migrating birds. The lake also supports a rich biodiversity and high biomass of fish, plankton that forms the source of food for birds. Pelicans arrive here during the nesting season to raise their young.

Kolleru Lake witnesses great activity during winters. The place can also be reached from 1.5 km from Kaikaluru town, 3 km from Gudivakalankas and 15 km from Eluru.