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Hope Island is a narrow stretch of sandy formation in the mighty Bay of Bengal which was responsible for the formation of the Bay of Kakinada. This enchanting island was formed during the last 200 years by the sand drifting from the tributary of Godavari River.

The picturesque island presents a beautiful view with backwaters on one side and sandy beaches on the side facing the Bay of Bengal. The northern part of the island is called the "Godavari point" which overlooks the entry point into the Bay of Kakinada and the Kakinada harbour.

Hope Island protects the city of Kakinada from the strong cyclone/tidal waves coming from the Bay of Bengal and offers shelter to ships which berth at anchor in the Kakinada Bay. Thanks to this protection, the port of Kakinada has become one of the safest natural harbours on the east coast of India

Experts disclose that Hope Island is fragile and should be protected to the maximum extent. They caution that there should be no construction activity on the Hope Island, as that would adversely affect the island and the town itself.