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Located in West Godavari district, it has several temples and among these 'Bhimesvara' and 'Somesvara' temple are most important ones.

The Shiva Lingam in the temple of Bhimesvara, which is 5ft (1.52m) in height is said to be a "Svayambhu" (self-manifested) and the festival of Shivaratri celebrated here is attended by scores of devotees every year.

Legend has it that Tharakasura, a rakshasa who had the `Amruthalingam' protecting him from death, used to create problem for the gods, who approached Kumara Swami for a solution.

Kumara Swami manages to take away the `Amruthalingam' from Tharakasura. The places at which the five pieces of the `Amruthalingam fell are called `pancharamas,' which are located at Bhimavaram, Palacol, Amaravathi, Draksharamam and Samalakota