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Located about 130 Kms from Kakinada, 100 kms from Rajahmundry and 65 Kms from Amalapuram, Antharvedi is a land of majestic beauty; flanked by beautiful waters of the sea in the East and the South, the Godavari in the West and the Raktakulya River in the North.

This magnificent place is hailed as the second Varanasi that offered solace
to many devotees who throng it at all times. There are five important spots of this Holy shrine ………

   The Sea
   The Sagar Sangam
   The Vasishta River
   The Raktakulya River
   The Chakrateertham

It is said that a mere visit to this holy place washes off the sins of the people and confers abundant prosperity and happiness. It is said that there will be no re-birth on taking a dip at these places and on offering charities there and performing ceremonial formalities to one’s ancestors at this holy-shrine is equivalent to these done at Gaya and Ganges.

So famous is this place, that even people from distant place like Varanasi, also visit this place to just participate in Lord Narasimha's Chariot procession in the month of Phalguna (January) and dolepournami celebration in the month of Phalguna (March). The Lord is worshipped with panchamrita abhishekam. As this place shrine blesses the pilgrims with Mukti, it is also called the Mukti Kshetra. Antarvedi is also named after the Lord as 'Narasimhakshetra'.

A visit to this fine place is incomplete without a trip to the Razole Tq. of East Godavari District famous for one hundred and eight shrines of Lord Narasimha and annual Mela that runs for about nine days. At this period of time, it becomes kaliyuga Vaikuntha.